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Solar Water Heaters in Escondido, CA

Hot water. It is one of life’s simplest pleasures – though it’s not so simple when you don’t have a water heater that is functioning properly, right? Of course, you also don’t want to avoid using much hot water in your home just because your water heating comes at a high cost. What’s the solution to such a problem? There are many great water heaters that work very efficiently out there, but the solar water heater really stands apart.

But I’m not ready to have a solar energy system installed on my property, you may be thinking. Well, you really don’t have to. Obviously, if your entire electrical system is reliant upon a solar energy system, you can run any appliance that you choose off of solar power. There are also designated solar water heaters available, though. If you want to ease your way into the world of solar energy, why not let Excel Air Corporation install a solar water heater for you?

How Do Solar Water Heaters Work?

There is a reason why water has often been used as a heat transfer fluid in a variety of systems over the years. Because it holds heat very well! In an active solar water heater, circulating pumps and controls are used to move water through the system. Direct circulation systems pump household water through solar collectors and into the house, while indirect circulation systems circulate a non–freezing liquid through collectors and a heat exchanger.

Passive solar water heaters are simpler in their operation, which means that they are less expensive and also more reliable in some cases. However, they are not as efficient. Passive solar water heaters include integral collector–storage systems, and thermosyphon systems. In a thermosyphon system, the collector is installed below the storage tank, allowing heated water to rise to the top and the cooler water to sink.

Leave Your Solar Water Heater Installation to Us

A solar water heater may operate simply in theory, but the design and installation of a solar water heating system in Escondido, CA is anything but simple. Solar–certified technicians will have the training, experience, and expertise to install your system properly, and we have them on our team. Our solar technicians excel where others fail. If you are ready for a solar water heater installation or replacement, just let us know.

Do You Need Solar Water Heater Repairs?

Solar water heaters, especially those with minimal mechanical components, are typically extremely reliable. When there are fewer components that can break down, obviously, the need for repairs is generally infrequent. If you do notice that your solar water heater is failing to provide you with a sufficient amount of sufficiently hot water, or if you hear strange sounds that may indicate damaged pumps, contact us right away. We can handle any solar water heater repairs that you may need.

Routine maintenance is vital for the ongoing success of your commercial water heater. Maintenance needs may be minimal, but routine inspections allow your technicians not only to tune the system up as needed, but also to catch any developing problems early on. Start heating water in your home efficiently, greenly, and, most importantly, reliably. Schedule solar water heater services in Escondido, CA with our staff.

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