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Solar Panels in Escondido, CA

Have you often sat and wondered why energy costs are so high as you wrote out the check to pay your utility bill? If so, then why haven’t you given us a call to schedule professional solar energy system services yet? When you opt for solar energy to power your home and its various appliances, you can seriously cut down on energy costs while also making your home more eco-friendly.

Needless to say, the successful design and implementation of a solar energy system is not something that just anyone can handle. Our NATE, EPA, and solar-certified professionals have the experience and training necessary to help you to get the most from your solar energy system. That means, of course, getting the most from your solar panels in Escondido, CA. The solar panel is the backbone of your solar energy system, so let the pros at Excel Air Corporation install yours.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

You’ve no doubt seen solar panels on top of buildings or standing on arrays at this point. Do you really know what it is that solar panels do, though? Well, it all begins with the solar cell. Solar cells are responsible for generating an electric current. The PV cells are hit with sunlight, and that sunlight causes chemical reactions, releasing electrons to generate the current. The solar panel is covered with these solar cells, allowing for greater absorption of sunlight and the generation of more electricity.

Solar PV Panel Installation Is a Job for Professionals

Installing solar PV panels in Escondido, CA is not as simple a job as it may seem. You cannot just screw one onto your roof and start enjoying the power afforded by the sun’s rays. It’s a much more complicated process than this. First of all, you’ll need to know just how many panels you really require to generate enough electricity to keep your home up and running. You’ll also want to have those panels positioned for maximum sun exposure.

Then, of course, there is the technical matter of connecting these panels to your inverter, which will convert DC (direct current) electricity to AC (alternating current) electricity. Batteries will be needed to store the energy that your solar PV panels provide, too. When we install your solar photovoltaic panels, you can count on the job being completed properly every single step of the way. When homeowners encounter problems with their solar energy system, they can often be traced back to installation issues.

Schedule Your Solar PV Panel Repair and Maintenance with Us

Because solar PV panels are exposed to the elements, it is possible for them to be damaged in the line of duty. If there is any visible damage to your solar panels in Escondido, CA, or if you notice that you are not getting the normal amount of energy from your system, let us know right away. We can handle the solar panel repairs that you may need, but only if you alert us to the problem in the first place.

One great aspect of solar panels is the fact that they require little to no maintenance. There are not moving parts to keep lubricated or anything like that, so maintenance needs are minimal. However, your panels should still be inspected on a regular basis to help catch any developing problems early on. You don’t want to wait for serious damage to be done before contacting our solar energy pros to service your system.

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