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Solar Lighting in Escondido, CA

For many homeowners, a complete solar energy system is the dream. Using the sun’s energy to power everything from the refrigerator to the AC system is efficient, green, and sustainable. Not everyone is going to make that jump, though. Others prefer to use standard electrical systems, but to integrate solar energy into those systems. One of the best ways to do so is with a solar lighting system in Escondido, CA. Solar lighting is as versatile as it is dependable.

Whether you are looking to illuminate your property with accent lights that won’t drive up your energy costs, or you have a commercial property that requires the lighting of a parking area or walkways, solar lighting is a great option to pursue. Just remember that calling up your handyman or woman, or even an electrician in the area, is not the right step. You want to work with solar-certified professionals, and that is why you want to work with Excel Air Corporation.

Solar Lights Must Be Professionally Installed

There is a lot to consider when you are opting to use solar lights to keep your property safe and aesthetically pleasing. You’ll want to make sure that all of the usual bases are covered. You will need to have the system laid out in a way conducive to lighting the right areas, for instance, and you may require directional lighting to hit those tough to reach spots. When you add the solar element into the mix, though, there is even more to consider.

You want outdoor solar lighting fixtures installed on a structure itself? Then it is important that those lights are exposed to enough sunlight to make this a viable option. You want pole–mounted solar lights, perhaps for security purposes? Well, there is not much point in security lighting if there is not enough power available for it to work reliably. We’ll assess your property carefully and design the system accordingly. With our solar lighting installation services, your system will excel.

Contact Us for Solar Lighting System Repairs in Escondido, CA

Generally speaking, solar lighting systems are very reliable. They typically make use of very efficient and long–lasting LED lights, which means that your end of the system’s maintenance needs is really very minimal. If you start to notice that your lights are not lasting through the required operating time, though, or if they are flickering or dim, contact us right away. Solar lighting repairs may be necessary, and we can handle the job.

Schedule Your Solar Lighting System Services with Our Team

One of the many great benefits of using solar energy systems or solar lighting only systems is the fact that they are so customizable. Provided that you are working with a qualified professional, such as those on the Excel Air Corporation team, you can count on having a solar lighting system that is not only well designed and efficient but also extremely functional. Going green does not and should not mean leaving behind the comfort and convenience that you are used to.

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