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Our NATE–certified, EPA–certified, solar–certified, and background checked HVAC technicians have really earned their stripes. Since our company was founded way back in 1999, we have been family owned and operate. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied, and Excel Air Corporation excels where others fail.

No matter what type of heating, air conditioning, indoor air quality, or commercial HVAC services you may need, you’ll find them with our team. Our goal is to guarantee that your comfort is protected. When you need HVAC contractors in Vista, CA, you need only dial our number.

Your Air Conditioning System Needs Professional Service

Good luck getting away with using inefficient window units that leave your home unsecured in this part of the country. As hot and long as our summers are, a whole–house cooling system is really your own option. These systems require that you hire trained professionals to have them installed and serviced.

Fortunately for you, our air conditioning technicians are here to ensure that your air conditioner in Vista, CA excels in its operation. From sizing the system properly to installing it correctly and tuning it as part of ongoing maintenance services, we do it all and we do it right.

We Can Handle Your Air Conditioning Repair Services Successfully

Is your air conditioner may strange new sounds? Leaving hot spots in your home? Showing signs of icing on the evaporator coil? No problem with your air conditioner should go unaddressed for any amount of time. Schedule your AC repairs with our team so that we can get your system back on track promptly.

Get Ready for the Heating Season

With the amount of sunshine and warmth that we enjoy in this part of the country, you may forget about just how chilly the winter season can really be. We urge you to keep the chill of winter in mind, though, or else you’ll be looking at a very uncomfortable heating season.

With our heating services in Vista, CA, though, you’ll be able to live comfortably throughout the coldest time of the year. Furnaces, radiant heating systems, ductless mini splits, heat pumps – we do it all. Call today for a heater that will excel.

Your Property May Benefit from a Packaged HVAC Unit

When you think of your heating and cooling systems, you probably think of 2 different systems. Sure, heat pumps can pull double duty, but for most homeowners the furnace/central AC combo is the familiar setup. With a packaged HVAC unit, you can use different systems – or a heat pump model – while still combining everything into a single, sleek, convenient unit. Let us know if you could use some space saving on your property.

Indoor Air Quality Can Be Improved!

The bad news: you’ve noticed that your allergy or asthma symptoms are acting up, and you think that your indoor air quality is to blame. The good news: your indoor air quality in Vista, CA can be improved. With the right equipment – anything from air purifiers and filters to dehumidifiers and ERVs – and the right technicians – us, of course – you can overcome your IAQ shortcomings. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings.

We Install and Service Water Heaters

Your heater works only during the heating season. Your AC is in use for much of the year, but even that gets a break. Your water heater, however, has no off–season. It works a lot each and every day, and it must be kept in peak performance condition to continue providing you with the outstanding performance that you deserve. Leave your water heater services to the experts on our staff, and enjoy the bountiful hot water that you need in your home.

Always Work with Commercial HVAC Pros

It may sound obvious, but sometimes during a particularly busy period a business or property owner may be looking for the fast fix, not necessarily the right fix. Whether you want to have a brand new commercial HVAC system installed, or you’re just looking to schedule routine commercial HVAC maintenance, you really need to be working with qualified professionals. These are not jobs that your average maintenance worker can handle. Leave your commercial HVAC services in Vista, CA to us.

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