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In this modern age, there really is no excuse for failing to live comfortably. Unless, of course, that excuse is that you failed to hire qualified HVAC contractors in Fallbrook, CA. Even the best air conditioning and heating systems are going to fizzle if they are not expertly installed and serviced by trained professionals.

The good news is that you are reading this right now. Why is that good news? Because it means that you are well on your way to scheduling your residential and commercial HVAC services with Excel Air Corporation. In doing so, you are also guaranteeing your own satisfaction!

We Excel in Air Conditioning Services

There are a lot of great air conditioning products on the market today. We ourselves are a Premier LENNOX Dealer and Certified Comfort Expert Dealer for York Equipment. Even better is the fact that we offer the quality services that you need to get the most from your AC in Fallbrook, CA.

There is no way that any piece of equipment, not matter how great it is, can work at peak performance and efficiency levels if it is not professionally installed and serviced. From guaranteeing that your new AC is of the right size prior to installation, to the ongoing maintenance services that it will need to succeed, we do it all.

Don’t Hesitate to Schedule Air Conditioning Repairs

Our technicians can really help you to get the most reliable performance possible from your home cooling system. However, there is simply no such thing as a 100% reliable air conditioning system. At some point, air conditioning repairs will be necessary. When you notice any potential warning signs, dial our number for prompt AC repairs.

You Need a Dependable Heating System (repair, maintenance, installation)

Contrary to what some people in other areas may believe, California doesn’t mean nonstop sunshine and warm weather. Sure, there is a lot of both to be had, but there is also a fair amount of chilly weather during our winter season. You may not rely on it quite as much as your AC, but your heater in Fallbrook, CA plays a vital role in your home.

If you want to use your heating system as efficiently and reliably as possible – not to mention safely – then you really need a trained professional to install, repair, and maintain that system. You need look no further than those on our team. Let us help you to enjoy a great home heating performance.

Why Choose Packaged HVAC Units?

For convenience, mostly. While a lot of homeowners use, say, a central air conditioner in the summer and a furnace in the winter, the fact is that not every home can easily accommodate two different HVAC systems. When you opt for a packaged unit, though, you don’t have to worry about that.

You’ll still essentially be using two different systems to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. The major difference with a packaged unit is the fact that almost all of the system components are housed in one sleek unit. This unit can be installed either on the roof or on a slab outside, depending upon the property.

Get Great Indoor Air Quality Today!

Quick, what is the most important factor for your comfort when at home? Did you immediately answer with "temperature"? If so, this is totally understandable. However, you are also overlooking just how important your overall indoor air quality is. If your air quality is subpar due to excessive pollutant levels or imbalanced humidity, then you are going to have some serious issues on your hand.

Not only will your comfort slip, but your health may as well. The good news is that we have the systems that you need, such as ERVs, air purifiers, and more, to achieve and maintain great indoor air quality in Fallbrook, CA.

We Install and Service Water Heaters

We have a lot of systems and appliances in our homes designed to keep us more comfortable and living more conveniently. Perhaps none of these systems or appliances work quite as hard and vigilantly as your water heater, though. After all, the water heater really does not get an offseason.

When you shower, do the dishes, or run the washing machine, you expect your water heater to provide the hot water necessary for doing so. We’ll ensure that yours is ready for action. Schedule your water heater services with the professionals on our staff.

We Are Commercial HVAC Professionals

Whether you need routine commercial HVAC maintenance services, or you require design/build services for a brand new system, remember that only qualified HVAC technicians are up to task. Commercial HVAC equipment should never be serviced by a general handyman or a residential technician.

When you have potential clients, tenants, or employees come into your commercial space, they should be met with a comfortable environment. We’ll guarantee that this is the case. Excel Air Corporation does not settle for anything less than excellence.

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