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Indoor Air Quality in Escondido, CA

If you want to live in an environment that is every bit as healthful as it is comfortable, then you are going to want to want do more than just maintain comfortable temperatures therein. You are going to want to do what it takes to keep the indoor air quality in your home high, as well. That sounds easier than it often is. The good news is that our indoor air quality specialists are here to help.

At Excel Air Corporation, we know what it takes to achieve air quality that truly excels! When Alex Kuhtarev and his wife started this family owned and operated company way back in 1999, the business was, and remains, to provide fair and honest service and to always follow through on what we promise. When we say we’ll help you to enjoy outstanding indoor air quality in Escondido, CA, we mean it! Contact us today to discuss your IAQ options.

Air Quality Systems That We Offer

One of the most challenging things about improving the air quality within one’s home is simply figuring out exactly what the problem is to begin with. There are many great air quality systems out there, and it is vital that you are using the right equipment for addressing the particular problems that you’re facing. Here are some of the systems that we have available.

  • Air Filtration Systems: Perhaps the most basic approach to removing pollutants in the air in your home, these designated filters serve just one purpose: trapping the pollutants that drag down air quality.
  • Air Purifiers: When filtration is not enough, you may want to try something like an electronic air purifier to actively remove pollutants from the air. UV air purifiers can be used to destroy biological pollutants, too.
  • Humidifiers: Things can get pretty dry around here, which can be as serious a threat to indoor air quality as any pollutant. A whole–house humidifier in is a great way to protect your indoor air quality in Escondido, CA conveniently.
  • Dehumidifiers: We don’t live in a swampy area, but that doesn’t mean that many homes don’t struggle with air that is too humid. A whole–house dehumidifier does the trick in such cases.
  • HRVs/ERVs: Energy recovery ventilators and heat recovery ventilators serve much the same purpose: allowing you to ventilate your home without wasting energy. We’ll figure out which is right for your needs.

We Install and Service Air Quality Systems

The types of systems that we offer are not the portable ones you might see at your average home goods store. We excel at the installation of whole–house systems designed to resolve the problems that your air quality faces at their core, not simply to treat the symptoms.

We have NATE and EPA certified technicians on staff, and we are a Premier LENNOX Dealer and a Certified Comfort Expert Dealer for York Equipment. When we install, repair, maintain, or replace your air quality systems, we excel where others fail! Let us guarantee that your work is done right.

Ask About activTek Environmental Products

activTek Environmental is the manufacturer of some of the finest indoor air quality systems around. Their ActivePure® Technology Products are tested to ensure that they perform as effectively as possible. From visible smoke to cooking odors and even specific contaminants that may be present on surfaces in your home, ActivePure® Technology Products can handle the job.

No matter what type of issues are giving you cause for concern, we are here to help you get your indoor air quality in Escondido, CA back on track. At Excel Air Corporation, your satisfaction and comfort are all that matter. Work with us and see what it truly means to excel.

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