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Commercial Indoor Air Quality in Escondido, CA

Whether you own your own commercial property or you are employed in maintaining one or more commercial properties, there are certain facts that are given. For instance, you obviously need to take steps to guarantee that your commercial air conditioning system is functioning properly during the hot summer season. You need your commercial heater to step up to the plate when temperatures drop, too. However, you should also be giving the indoor air quality in your commercial property the same level of attention.

Too often, home and business owners alike overlook the important role that indoor air quality plays in the overall comfort levels within a property. This is too bad, as commercial IAQ can affect not only the comfort of your employees, patrons, and clientele, but their health as well. Contact Excel Air Corporation if you want your commercial indoor air quality in Escondido, CA to be as high as possible. We have the systems and services necessary for guaranteeing this is the case.

What Can Lead to Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Subpar indoor air quality is a concern in homes, of course, but oftentimes the quality of the air in commercial properties is even worse off. There are many different reasons for this. While you may not be able to eliminate the factors causing the problems, you can mitigate the symptoms to prevent low commercial indoor air quality in Escondido, CA from negatively affecting those in the space.

  • Particulate matter generated by manufacturing.
  • Organic pollutants let in as people come and go.
  • Dry air due to constant air conditioning.
  • Stale air due to subpar ventilation.
  • Gases and odors from cooking.

What Problems Can Low Commercial Indoor Air Quality Cause?

Quite a lot, and across quite a broad spectrum of severity. In some cases, low commercial indoor air quality can just be a nuisance leading to some level of superficial discomfort. In others, particularly for those spending the most time in the space, it can have serious health consequences. Even your property itself may suffer due to poor indoor air quality!

  • Cracked, dry skin.
  • Increased risk of illness.
  • Aggravated allergy/asthma symptoms.
  • Damages such as wood rot or splitting floorboards.
  • Exposure to biological pollutants, including mold spores.

What Can Be Done About It?

Again, quite a lot! The good news is that, though your indoor air quality may not be naturally high, there are plenty of solutions to explore. You just need to know that you are working with skilled, experienced commercial IAQ technicians that can diagnose the problems accurately and equip you with the right solutions. In most cases, a multi–pronged attack is most effective. We have many different tools at our disposal, including the following.

  • Air filtration systems and electronic air purifiers, for removing pollutants.
  • ERVs and HRVs, to help ventilate your property without wasting energy.
  • UV (ultraviolet) air purifiers, for destroying biological pollutants.
  • Dehumidifiers, for removing moisture from humid air.
  • Humidifiers, for adding moisture to dry air.

Whatever challenges that your commercial indoor air quality in Escondido, CA may be facing, there is always a solution to be had. Our technicians excel in identifying the source of problems, and resolving them correctly. Contact us today, and start breathing easier in your place of business.

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