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The Causes of Air Conditioner Cooling Failure

Frozen-ACAn air conditioner isn’t worth much if it can’t cool a home. Unfortunately, thousands of homeowners across the country will experience air conditioner cooling failure this summer. There are a number of different reasons why your air conditioner may stop cooling as well as it should be, almost all of which will require professional services in order to be repaired. While you’re waiting for your technician to arrive, though, you can at least look below at some of the reasons why your system isn’t cooling properly.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is when your air conditioner turns off before it can complete a full cooling cycle. This often manifests as a short on/off cycle of a couple minutes, instead of the longer cycle that the system is designed for. Short cycling is usually the result of an electrical problem in the system, and severely cuts down on the air conditioner’s ability to cool the home properly. The bigger issue, though, is that short cycling increases the rate at which the air conditioner wears down. The longer the system short cycles, the more likely it will be to develop other issues and the shorter its overall lifespan will be.

Refrigerant Leaks

Your air conditioner relies on the same level of refrigerant throughout its lifespan to cool the air in your home. If a refrigerant leak develops in the system, as can sometimes happen, then the output capacity of the air conditioner will fall along with the refrigerant level. Eventually, the refrigerant level will drop low enough that the system will not be able to continue operating. If you notice your air conditioner leaking fluid, we highly recommend that you call for repairs as soon as possible.

Clogged Filter

The air filter is meant to protect the air conditioner from the various dust and dirt particles that are commonly found in ductwork. The filter needs to be changed every three months or so during the summer in order to avoid becoming clogged. If the filter does become clogged, it can cut off most of the airflow from making it into the air conditioning system. This will hamper the system’s cooling ability, and can cause further issues by causing the evaporator coil to freeze. If you know how to replace your air filter, we recommend that you do so if you notice your system not cooling properly. If you don’t, call a professional and they’ll check it for you.

Remember, the best way to deal with an air conditioning problem is to have a professional technician handle it for you. If you’re not sure whether your system is dealing with a problem or not, it’s best to have a professional check it out just to be safe.

Excel Air Corporation offers comprehensive air conditioning repair services in Escondido, CA. If you’re in need of air conditioning repair services of any kind, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our professional technicians.

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