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Duct Repair and Replacement in Escondido, CA

As we detailed on our duct testing and sealing page, a common method for dealing with leaky ducts is to seal them using a mastic that hardens as it dries. However, this is not always going to be possible. When duct sealing just is not enough to resolve the problem successfully, you can turn to our duct repair and replacement services in Escondido, CA. Remember, Excel Air Corporation excels where others fail.

Because of the location of your air ducts, accessing them in and of itself can be challenging. When you need a service of this nature completed on your property, you need to know for certain that you are dealing with qualified individuals. We have been family owned and operated since our company started way back in 1999. Your comfort is all that matters, and we do everything possible to ensure that you are comfortable working with our team.

Why Might I Need My Ducts Repaired?

There are a number of reasons why you may require duct repairs in Escondido, CA. Tears are among the most common, and most of these can be repaired with the aforementioned method of duct sealing. Other issues may include extensive corrosion due to unrecognized leaks, though, or damages sustained during renovations. You could even have ducts that have been damaged by pests!

When dealing with damaged ductwork, you need to know that your contractor is going to complete the repair process properly. Sealing the ducts may be sufficient, or it may simply be a case of re–securing ductwork that has worked loose from bindings or anchors over time. We’ll evaluate the situation thoroughly and address it properly, while keeping you in the loop the entire time.

When Is Duct Replacement Needed?

Sometimes, the damage to your air ducts may be severe enough that duct replacement in Escondido, CA is the best option to pursue. If corrosion has really affected a large stretch of the air ducts, for instance, then slathering the whole length of the affected area with mastic may not be the best option for long lasting results. Replacing that section of ductwork is probably going to be the right move.

There could also be issues with the ductwork itself, even if it is not damaged. Not all HVAC contractors are created equally. If the individuals that designed and installed this ductwork made mistakes or simply cut corners during the installation process, then replacing the ductwork may help you to get a better heating and cooling performance. It may be poorly laid out, or it could even be of the wrong size for the system that it works with.

Schedule Your Duct Repair and Replacement with Us

Excel Air Corporation does not settle for anything less than excellence. We are able to set a high bar for our own expectations, because our team has the resources, training, and experience necessary for clearing that bar with every job we complete. Don’t put unnecessary strain on your HVAC system by forcing it to work with damaged or poorly designed ductwork.

It can be tempting to ignore "minor" issues with your AC or heater, so long as that system is still running. There is a big difference between a heater or AC doing the bare minimum, though, and truly excelling in its operation. If you have reason to believe that your ducts are compromised, contact us right away to get the right solutions.

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