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Central Air Conditioners in Escondido, CA

When the temperatures really start to spike as the heat of summer tightens its grasp upon us, will you be ready to jump into action? Will your air conditioner be there at your side? If you are hoping to live comfortably and cool your home efficiently, then you really need to look beyond those inconvenient window units that you’ll see in small studio apartments or dorm rooms. Cooling an entire house is a job for a central AC system.

Central air units have much to recommend them, and they are the most common means by which homeowners cool their residences. They also require professional installation and ongoing maintenance services, though. When you invest in a central AC, you want to get the best that that system has to offer for as long as possible. Schedule your central air conditioning services in Escondido, CA, with Excel Air Corporation, and watch your system excel.

How Does a Central Air Conditioner Work?

Central AC systems, or split air conditioners, feature two basic units. There is an indoor evaporator coil/air handler, and there is an outdoor condenser unit that also houses the compressor. The key to the cooling process is the refrigerant that cycles through these components. Specifically, the evaporation and condensing of this refrigerant, which is a heat transfer fluid that easily changes its physical state.

The refrigerant evaporates in the evaporator coil, which allows it to draw heat out of the air surrounding and passing over it. That warm refrigerant then goes out to the condenser unit, where it releases its heat to the air outside via the condenser coils. The compressor keeps the refrigerant flowing, and the air handler distributes the cooled air throughout the house via the air ducts. It is a relatively simple, but incredibly effective, process.

Hire a Professional to Install Your Central Air Unit

A central AC is not something that you can just pop into place. The system must be properly sized for your home before being installed, or else you risk coming up shy of the cooling output that you need in your home. Conversely, you could also overinvest in cooling power, meaning that you’ll be paying for a cooling capacity that you’ll never need, even as your air conditioning begins to short cycle and wear down due to its excessive power.

Not only will we make sure that your air conditioner is of the right size for your home, but we’ll design your ductwork with the expertise that only comes with years of training and hands–on experience. We’ll complete your air conditioning installation in Escondido, CA according to the most exacting standards, because you deserve nothing less. We can also handle your central air conditioner replacement, when the time comes.

Schedule Your Central AC Repairs with Our Team!

Routine central air conditioner maintenance is a must if you want your system to truly excel in its operation. With a thorough tune–up on a regular basis, your system will have what it needs to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. Even so, eventual repair needs are entirely unavoidable.

If your central air unit in Escondido, CA is making more noise than usual, is costing more and more to run, or is blowing warm air, let us know right away. The best way to prevent serious damage to your central air conditioner is to have any necessary repairs completed immediately. We’re the professionals to trust with this job.

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